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Our recent works, our encounters, our tales. Inspired by the idea that every single image is just one small fragment of a much bigger story, our passion is to tell that story.

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Photographing a wedding is how to meet not only the bride and the groom but entire universes made of family and personal histories, cultures and - last but not least - traditions.

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Gianni has a distinctly extrovert nature and lives each new encounter as an opportunity for knowledge and understanding.
She is that perfect female presence in a predominantly male team and offers the romantic perspective of a woman dealing with love in all its forms.
Pasquale is defined by his accuracy, punctuality and reliability. He always has a solution for everything - just give him a moment to think ... or to rummage in his backpack!

We are a collective of photographers, with our heart in Ravello
and our eyes looking out towards the world.