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Ravello Wedding Photographer, Victoria & Mike

Ravello is renowned for its spectacular views. Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte is like a small oasis where tourists from all over the world can sit and enjoy the stunning view alo ...
April 26, 2017

Capri Wedding Photographer, Olga & Michael

We were really happy to photograph Olga and Michael, especially in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere which we found ourselves in after meeting the couple. Olga is Italian and Michael ...
April 21, 2017

Wedding Photographer Amalfi, Dana & David

After a friendship of seven years, Devin and Dana  discovered they were in love. He originally from France, she American. And it was in France, on a beach in Nice that Devin  proposed ...
April 21, 2017

Sorrento Wedding Photographer, Satu & Mark

Sometimes the marriage is not only the celebration of love between two people ... it is often the most romantic expression of how love can grow over time and pay dividends. It’s been ...
April 21, 2017

Luxury Wedding Party in Puglia

We believe that Puglia is one of the most exotic places in Italy. Anyone who has the good fortune to take a trip to this fantastic region of Southern Italy, can not help but be fascin ...
April 20, 2017