Boris and Natasha was our first wedding of 2016 in Positano.
On April 23, a cloudy sky and a place so romantic as Positano to open our working season … that much luck!
When we arrived at the Palazzo Murat to catch a few moments of preparation, we met Boris. We rarely meet the bride and groom before the wedding, which always adds a touch of charm and mystery to our work.   We crossed through the corridors to meet Boris, no introductions were needed.
The vaguely Slavic accent betrayed the Italian-perfect Boris.
Then we finally met Natasha and we realized that we could not have hoped for a better start.
With only two people in tow, Boris and Natasha  preferred the intimacy to promise themselves eternal love in Positano, the small jewel nestled along the beautiful Amalfi coast.
After the civil ceremony held at the Town Hall of Positano, right on the sea, we spent a couple of pleasant hours in their company,  strolling through the picturesque corners of the Palazzo Murat, trying to make the most  of their statements of ‘Love’.

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