Jeremy Chou Photography – Email Templates Workflow

Volume 1 is my complete wedding workflow. Total of 24 emails that take it from Initial Inquiry to asking for review on Wedding Wire or Yelp. I can’t tell you how much these emails have changed my business over the course of last 5 years. These email templates educate the clients from day one about the importance of tangible goods, resulting in more profit & opportunity to upsell.


1. Inquiry Received
2. Initial Inquiry Return
3. Inquiry Follow Up
4. Pre-Consultation Check in
5. After Consultation Followup


1. Thank You & What’s Next
2. Favorite Vendors


1. Check In Email & Helpful Hints
2. Final Check In
3. Post Engagement Session Check In
4. Post Engagement Session Sneak Peeks
5. Post Engagement Session Blog Link Share
6. Post Engagement Session Gallery is Live


1. Pre Wedding Check in
2. Helpful Hints on Timeline & Others
3. Helpful Hints on Family Photos
4. Introduction To Vendors
5. Pre Wedding Check in
6. Post Wedding Sneak Peeks – Clients
7. Post Wedding Sneak Peeks – Vendors
8. Post Wedding Blog Link Share – Clients
9. Post Wedding Blog Link Share – Vendors
10. Post Wedding Gallery Link – Clients
11. Post Wedding Review Request

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