One on one mentoring | How do I schedule a session with you?

If you are ready to make the best investment for your business, fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch within 24 hours! Or you can call me directly at 909.278.8316. 

One on one mentoring | What topics are covered during the one-on-one mentoring?

The one on one mentoring is completely catered to you. We will speak on the phone before the mentoring session to determine the curriculum. Some of the popular topics are branding, pricing, how to setup an efficient workflow, how to stand out in the saturated market as a wedding photographer, etc. We will focus on the areas you need most help with. My goal is to help you grow your business in a way you didn't think was possible! Absolutely NOTHING is off limit. I will share everything with you. I'll share, in details, how I run my business from top to bottom. I will share how I was able to quit my full time job only 30 months after I booked my first wedding. Again, absolutely nothing is off limit!

One on one mentoring | What is a wedding tag along?

As part of the mentoring program, you will get to tag along to one of my weddings. You will receive hands on experience on how my team operates on the day of the wedding. You will be part of the Jeremy Chou Photography team and help to provide my clients the best service possible.

One on one mentoring | Where does the mentoring take place?

The one on one mentoring typically takes place at my office in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. However, I am also available to travel to your studio. Some travel charges might apply.

Group Workshop | Where is your workshop held?

The group workshop is typically held in Southern California at various venues. As soon as a location is secured we will typically announce it on all of our social media outlets.

Group Workshop | How many attendees do you typically allow?

My workshop is designed to give each attendee as much individual attention as possible. For that reason, we typically will limit the workshop to a maximum of 12 students.

Group Workshop | Is there a stylized shoot?

Yes! I believe a stylized shoot is essential to teach shooting details, posing, using available light, etc.. We work with some of the top vendors in southern California to put together the best stylized shoot we can!

Templates & Resources | Would these email templates work for my business?

Absolutely! The email templates are highly customizable.  Each template is carefully crafted and proven to be effective when communicating with clients. Each email template is marked clearly where sentences should be customized in both red & bold letters. The email templates include some of the most powerful emotional triggers to convey branding messages and build values for your business. You should be able to implement these emails and see immediate results! 

Templates & Resources | What topics are covered in the templates?

There are two volumes in the email templates. Volume 1 includes over 20 emails that starts with an initial inquiry to asking for client's reviews. Volume 2 includes all of my other emails that cover a variety of business related topics. Such as; what to say when clients ask for the RAW files? What to say when clients want to see all the photos? Or, what happens when clients ask for a discount? The emails utilize all of my proven strategies that will work in almost all the situations in a professional manner. 

Templates & Resources | What is so different about these email templates?

I worked in one of the largest architectural offices in the US for almost 10 years. I managed projects with budgets up to $100 million dollars. I had communications with government officials, school superintendents, contractors, and many others in a professional setting.  I learned that a well written email is extremely important to paint a professional image and communicate effectively (and persuasively)  with our clients.  My emails are also more than just emails; it's a workflow system that I've perfected within the last 5 years.  It really works!