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In addition to regular group workshops, Jeremy Chou also offers exclusive one on one mentoring to 3 select photographers per year. These photographers are chosen based on their talent, desire to be successful, and ultimately their willingness to do what it takes to succeed. You will study along side with Jeremy Chou for one full day in your studio (some travel fee might apply) and followed by a live shoot. Jeremy will demonstrate all of his posing & lighting techniques that will set your work apart from the rest of the pack. You will also be able to work with Jeremy Chou Photography team at an actual wedding. Think of it as a hands on crash course with one of the best wedding photography teams in Southern California.You will be able to use photos you acquired from both live shoot and the wedding to start refining your portfolio.

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Here are some of the topics we will be covering:

  • Total Investment – $2,750
  • Branding
  • Pricing yourself correctly
  • Leveraging social media & other vendors to advertise for you
  • Marketing to your ideal clients
  • Nailing the consultation.
  • My 40 hour wedding workflow
  • Album sell strategy
  • Shoot the type of image you want and standout from the crowd
  • Creating fine art imagery by using natural light
  • Posing candid portraits, even with the most challenging clients.
  • And much more!


Jeremy really stands by his word in being an open book and doesn’t hold back. Even after the workshop he’s assisted me in ways to be successful. The trip from Texas to California was way more then worth my time & I’ll be back to learn more!

– justin douglas photography


Recently I had the pleasure of mentoring with Jeremy Chou. I had been searching for the right person to mentor with for a while. This was a huge investment for me financially because I was in my first year of my photography business. I did a lot of research and had a lot of questions for Jeremy beforehand because I wanted to make sure he was a good fit for my business. He was very patient and accommodating with my requests leading up to our session together. Although I had an idea what we would go over I didn’t know exactly what to expect. We had set up a day of mentoring in my hometown. He showed up at 9am and we didn’t finish until after 7pm. He gave me a full day of information, attention and knowledge. Jeremy answered all of the questions I had and even brought up some I hadn’t thought to ask. We talked about branding, workflow, editing and shooting style. I took the information he taught me and applied it to my business. The response to my new brand and style was immediate. I got messages from friends, family and fellow photographers complementing me. My bookings have increased and I was finally able to nail down the style and brand I had spent almost a year searching for. This was exactly what I needed and it was worth every penny I spent. I will be forever grateful to Jeremy for his friendship and mentoring. I found out exactly who Melanie Osorio Photography is through this process and that is priceless.Melanie Osorio Photography

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[…] & coming photographer who flew out to my home studio from Florida.  I really enjoy doing these one-on-one workshops because it really gives me the chance to delve into how I can help another photographer.   It is […]

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