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      Signature Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw Presets

      Marcel Proust wrote that the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

      Every artist at Meridian has their own unique and soulful way of seeing and navigating the world, which, in turn, informs their approach to crafting compelling images, both in-camera and in post-production. Meridian presets are the distillation of countless hours of trial and error, experimentation and discovery, of seeing each image anew. So, whether you’re looking for a creative launching point or a stylistic home, Meridian inspires our adventurous hearts while pointing the way to our own unique vision of the world, each other, and ourselves.

      Born from the LOOKSLIKEFILM community, Meridian presets are an added tool in our individual and collective adventures as creatives, colleagues, and friends. Let’s go!

      Our Meridian Artists

      We could certainly gush endlessly about our Meridian artists, each an accomplished creative in their own right, but that would come off as a little self-serving, to say the least. Duh!

      So, why not hear directly from them about who they are – their creative animus, how they shoot and edit, where they’re from and where they’re going?