A Wedding Photography experience that deepens your connection and empowers your relationship.

I help adventurous couples craft romantic weddings that ARE natural and uncontrived.
I don’t care about just your photos. I care more about you.
my camera is a tool to help couples deepen their relationship so they have a stronger marriage
In my 13 years of photographing couples, I’ve discovered that the depth and meaning of wedding images comes down to two things.
  • How comfortable you feel in front of a camera and...
  • What kind of relationship you cultivate with your photographer.
How can anyone photograph you authentically if they don’t know you? How can you trust them if you don’t know them? Over the last 7 years, I’ve experienced the power of marriage with my wife and how the journey of intentional relationships is also the greatest path to discovering oneself. Marriage is the opportunity to open every part of ourselves to deepen our intimacy with another human being. That connection and commitment is one that will beautifully effect the rest of your life. Your wedding images are the artisic expression of your commitment to this one person and it is a privilege to help couples not just craft their one days, but to come alongside and create art that represents the most natural parts of the two of you and your love for one another. The people we love the most are the greatest mirrors for our lives and my passion and purpose on this planet is to have my camera be the mirror that reflects the depth and meaning of yours.

hello! i’m robert j hill
i’m a traveling wedding photographer based in the pacific northwest
45.5522° N, -122.5925° W
i owe everything to my wife and our marriage
I believe the quality of our lives has nothing to do with the quantity of our posessions and this has lead me to craft a minimalistic lifestyle, a constant search for adventure, and a pursuit of growth and self-discovery everyday. I owe most of who I have become in this life to my wife and our marriage. She has changed my world with her brilliancy, strength, and overwhelming support for others. We fell in love adventuring together and after we married in 2012, our lives changed in a dramatic and unexpected way...
What Couples are saying

“My mind was blown last night at Robert J Hill’s workshop. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to be 1000% myself, nor have I felt this much sense of deep purpose/appreciation in what I do. Robert, thank you for making me feel so whole before booking season!”

“You are so inspiring, thank you so much for being so open and honest!”

“It was unbelievable to say the very least!”

“Had SO much fun! And learned more than I could have imagined. Stoked to implement everything! Thanks Robert! You seriously rock.”


because life is about discovery

Pioneer Sessions are multi-day photo retreats for adventurous couples looking to disconnect from the world and reconnect in nature. Life is about experiences and how those moments change who we are. This is an opportunity to discover a new place in the elements, to learn something about yourself, and to deepen your relationship. Past Pioneer Sessions have involved hiking to a Fire Tower in the North Cascade Mountains, Roadtripping to the High Desert of Oregon to sleep under the stars on the Alvord Playa, and summiting 7000’ up to the high alpine region of Oregon’s most well known volcano.

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