Romance is the outward
expression of internal intimacy.
I care about capturing the depth of emotional intimacy behind you and your wedding.
Intimacy is a little different for everyone and my focus as a photographer is to encourage you to fight against the traditions of inviting everyone you can to your one day and instead focus on the people who truly mean the most to you in life.
Maybe this involves 10 people and maybe this is 100 but after working with couples across the world, I’ve seen the most meaningful days are the ones in which couples have confidently invited only the people who mean the most to them. I’ve watched couples stress out and even miss most of their wedding because they’ve been so overwhelmed by how much attention is on them. An extensive guest list can easily translate into a stressful experience and I’m going to help you craft a wedding that isn’t just a warm celebration but an honoring of you who truly are as individuals.
The more intention your day is crafted with, the greater and more memorable the experience will be, and I will be there to capture every part and
every moment for your future family
oregon weddings starting at $3700
Average Couples Usual Investment is $5500-$6500+

Travel Wedding Prices Based on Location Around The World

The process
  • Fill Out The Contact Form and Schedule Your Inquiry Call
  • You, Your Fiancé, And I will Connect for a phone call to make sure we are a good fit
  • Reserve Your Date
  • We’ll begin Planning and Designing Your intimate wedding
  • Lose yourself in the most romantic day of your life
  • I’ll process your images in 6-8 weeks and craft your story through your album
  • We’ll meet, I'll share all of your images, and make any desired changes to your album
  • Relive your wedding day and pass down your romantic story to your future family
"Life isn’t what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it to tell it.”
– Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Your Album Isn’t For You, It’s For Your Future Family
What do you want to hold in your hands after your wedding?
Couples don’t hire me to just show up and shoot for a day, but to immerse myself in their lives for a season, to learn who they are, and in turn craft the most romantic story so that they can share it for the rest of their lives. When you touch a moment, you experience it in a completely different way and an image isn’t a photograph until it’s printed. Print tansports you backwards and it helps others learn more about your life. When I got married, experiencing my wife’s family through print created a deeper bond between us and it taught me a deeper importance of family connection. My intention with albums is to help your future loved ones be inspired by the depth of your love and and feel a deeper connection with you. Each of my Wedding Collections include an opportunity to make your digital images into tangible memories to remember and experience your day for the rest of your life.